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The Riverside City Firefighters' thoughts and prayers are with Cal Fire and their families during this difficult time.

LODD: Tuesday evening emergency personnel were able to access the crash site of a CAL FIRE airtanker that had crashed near Yosemite National Park and determined that the pilot on board had died. The CAL FIRE airtanker (Tanker 81) based out of the Hollister Air Attack Base had been fighting the Dog Rock Fire near El Portal when officials lost contact with it late in the afternoon.

The pilot’s family had requested information be withheld until all immediate family could be notified. “This crash underscores just how inherently dangerous wildland firefighting is and the job is further compounded this year by extreme fire conditions,” said Chief Ken Pimlott, CAL FIRE director. “We have secured the crash site and will be cooperating with the NTSB on their investigation.” “Our thoughts and prayers are with the pilot’s family during this difficult time,” said Jeff Cavarra, program director for DynCorp International.

The conditions were smoky and "explosive," Berlant said. (We have been waiting to post, with respect to the family). Our sincere condolences and continued prayers to the pilot's family, and CalFire family, during this tragic time... from FireFightersDaily.

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The Next BOD Meeting is on October 7th at 0830 hrs.

2014 Meeting Dates:

January 7th Genral Meeting A Shift on duty

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May 6th C Shift on duty 

June 3rd C Shift on duty

***July 2nd General Meeting C Shift on duty ***

August 5th A Shift on duty

September 2nd A Shift on duty 

October 7th A Shift on duty  *** Agenda Posted***

November 4th General Meeting B Shift on duty

December 2nd B Shift on duty







All meetings are held at the Orangecrest Club, Start time is 0830 hours.

The Agenda is posted in the meeting minutes section.



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