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Important Meeting Dates



The Next BOD meeting is May 5th at 0830 hrs.

2015 Meeting Dates:

***January 7th General Meeting A Shift on duty***

 February 3rd Shift on duty 

 March 3rd Shift on duty

 April 7th Shift on duty

 May 5th C Shift on duty 

 June 2nd A Shift on duty

***July 1st Wednesday General Meeting C Shift on duty***

 August 4th A Shift on duty

 September 1st B Shift on duty 

 October 6th B Shift on duty  

***November 3rd General Meeting B Shift on duty***

 December 1st C Shift on duty 







All meetings are held at the Orangecrest Club, Start time is 0830 hours.

The Agenda is posted in the meeting minutes section.



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RCFA members


To request an account, go to the sign in area and apply for an account (Click the "apply" tab). It only takes a few minutes of your time. Once you have been approved, you will have full access to the members area. After you are signed in you will be able to access all of the secure members information such as : BOD minutes, treasury reports, on-line voting and much, much more.




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